Start Up, Startup or start-up? Which of the spelling is correct and why?

Which is correct: startup, start up or start-up?

Startup is a word that is corrected to Start-up in most of the writing script. It originated from the word “Start up” in 1550 which is originally a verb later it is as a (startup) noun in the Vernacular. It is much more like a Teenager or teen and e-mail or email. Three of them are right and can be used interchangeably and  evolves with time.

Startup/Start-up is a business entity which is in at the introduction/Ideation phase. As it is a business that is in the ideation phase they have to have the capability to nurture the idea, manage the resources and organise them in a way that it will give maximum output. 

Here is a list how professional handle it:


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